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Bank Transfer


– We sell bank login mostly any UK ,CA,EU and USA bank.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get money from you?

– You will get the money in your account once your order is completed with us.

How long will i t take to get money in my account after i send payment?

– Time to get the money in your account take about 30mins – 2 hours maximum after you send payment.
– Some banks take time and some banks do not take time and you will get funds instant in your amount.

When can I withdraw money in my account?

– You can withdraw the money immediately after you get it in your account.
– You can also withdraw it at any ATM if you have a card connected with your bank account.

Is This safe for my business?

– Yes we have done these many times with our numerious customers and no complaint, and we guarantee 100% safe.

Can i do this every day?

– We only transfer maximum of 6 times for per account. And the maximum is TWO (2) transfers to ONE (1) account in ONE (1) week.

What countries can you transfer money to?

– Depending on the countries, if your country accepts direct money transfers from foreign accounts to your account.

Transfer amount

$1000+, $2000+, $5000+, $10000+, $25000+


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